Network Deployment Services

Harpy Core Network India pvt ltd, has trained and experienced field technical and engineering capabilities and the management competence to drive complex network rollouts. We enable Network OEMs and Service Providers to execute the complete suite of deployment activities such as Installation, Commissioning, Integration, Redeployment and In-building solutions on an end-to-end turnkey ownership model. We provide services across technologies from the traditional wireless and transmission technologies to new-age technologies such as Wimax, 3G and IMS equipments. We also provide network redeployment solutions that require skilful execution for minimal interruption to existing traffic on the network.

Our expertise spans all the equipments across Access, Core, Packet and Transmission nodes in a telecom network.

Installation & commissioning

For any wireless network to perform efficiently, in addition to good planning, it is imperative to have high quality deployment of the various network elements and subsystems. This is an important factor in deciding the reliability and performance of the network, and therefore the experience of the subscribers at large.

HARPY is committed to providing best- in - class service at every stage of the network deployment process. It is this commitment to quality that has made leading network equipment manufacturers and service providers to look at HARPY as their preferred network engineering partner. HARPY expertise lies in installation & commissioning (I&C) of both core and radio access network elements like MSC’s, BSCs and BTSs.

Our services are aimed to deliver maximum value proposition to our customers:
  • Greater equipment reliability by using best practices during I&C
  • Well defined processes and quality management systems
  • Trained and experienced field engineering teams ensure minimum downtime of the network
  • Reduced operating expenditure by time cycle reduction
  • Compliance to customer specified process and EHS standards

Almost all networks comprise of multi vendor hardware and network management systems, using multiple technologies which makes the task of integrating these elements complex.

HARPY’s expertise in integrating networks includes:
  • Core Network Integration
  • Packet Network Integration
  • Integration of BSS elements
  • Integration of the VAS elements

In a highly dynamic telecom environment and fiercely competitive scenario, service providers are required to continuously upgrade their networks to deliver a host of application and value added services to the customers. This drives service providers to constantly introduce latest technology equipments into their network. While doing this it is essential for service providers to minimize their Capex by effectively utilizing and redeploying legacy equipment already existing in their networks.

Upgradation / expansion of existing networks by introducing new equipment from alternate vendors entails critical re dimensioning of the network and reconfiguration of the network elements.

This task becomes even more critical when redeployment of existing equipments is done on a live network without interrupting on going traffic. A high precision coordination is required between the RF Engineering, Network dimensioning, OMCR & I&C teams since the time window available for outage is barely a few hours and generally during night time. Few critical parameters that need to be maintained to ensure consistent delivery to customers during the redeployment activity are:

  • Consistency in pre and post swap RF parameters
  • No change in the traffic carrying capacity of the redeployed network
  • No impact on value add services being subscribed to by the customer
  • Consistency in the coverage

HARPY’s ability to take complete ownership of this activity stems from its multi vendor expertise, well defined processes for efficient trouble shooting and a highly skilled team of engineers. HARPY has successfully demonstrated its capability on redeployment of various networks.

Some of the activities carried out are:
  • BSS & NSS System engineering
  • RF Planning & Support
  • Rip and Relocation of BSC/BTSs
  • Reconfiguration & Integration of all relocated BSC / BTSs
  • Integration support for all relocated BSCs / BTSs