Network Operation

A network free of breakdowns is today a basic expectation and is paramount in keeping the customer satisfied. Network Operators face numerous challenges in managing networks from the perspective of its sheer size and diversity in equipments. While the complexities have increased, there is pressure to keep the OPEX low. The paradox in the requirements to maintain required uptime and reduce costs at the same time to meet customer expectations in service levels has brought in a need for more and more efficient and effective network operations.

HARPY has been engaged with multiple operations and maintenance activities in BSS, NSS and O&M segments of different network equipment vendors by virtue of which it has built an in-depth capability of network monitoring and maintenance activities. HARPY has the know-how of large maintenance projects. We also have a large pool of engineers who are actively driving the network operations across all the major network operations centers of various service providers across India.

HARPY works with the model of end to end Managed Services as well as resource augmentation in providing with engineers capable of managing and driving Network Operations Centers of service providers. The gamut of network operations activities that we perform span wide. Here are a few major activities that we have engage ourselves in:

  • Monitoring OMCs covering all BSS, NSS and Transmission elements
  • Alarm monitoring and faults management tasks
  • Configuration management and Performance tracking
  • Providing first level customer technical support
  • First line field maintenance activities
  • Performing preventive and corrective maintenance tasks
  • Supervising project implementations
  • Performing quality control tasks and logistical support

HARPY Core Network India Pvt Ltd. also has a unique Remote Performance Management offering that blends an onsite team capable of collecting and transferring network performance data and a remote team capable of comprehensive analysis and reporting. With a ‘follow the sun’ model with onsite and offshore teams working at different timezones, HARPY provides service providers across the world a quick and cost effective performance management solution.